Words from Emzy:

The Barwalk was born out of my frustration witnessing the loss of numerous iconic local businesses to franchises over my many years guiding and my desire to support and share the handful of truly unique and historic gems that are worthy of celebrating. I strive to make each Barwalk a personal experience and conversation where more than a guide, I am a guy that you would want to have a drink with who just happens to enjoy a passion for history, storytelling, and sharing my hometown.

Two years into this journey I look back enjoying a bit of perspective and while I believe that I initially accurately described my motivation and vision I must say that often times the vocabulary that I employed seems so cliché it almost renders it meaningless. “Personal”, “intimate”, “boutique”; they almost sound like marketing power phrases dreamed up by advertising professionals but as I reflect on where I am today what really sticks are the great people that I have met along the way and some of the most honest, heartfelt conversations that I have ever had. As I write this, I am preparing to officiate and MC the wedding of former guests that I met on tour, guests that have crossed the Rubicon into friendship and they are certainly not the only ones who have made that journey with me. (Thank You Chris and Erin! It is truly my honor!)

I guarantee that The Barwalk will not only exceed expectations but will more importantly be unlike any tour you have ever experienced.


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