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The Classic


This is the full Barwalk experience and an all access pass to discovering the best of San Antonio. Four historic bars, all the history you could ask for and the experience of a lifetime! Due to the boutique nature of our tours, the length of this tour varies per group – but be prepared for an all night adventure that will cover Texas history, grisly unsolved murders, celebrity connections, ghost stories, architecture, Riverwalk history and lesser known facts about San Antonio. We will cover it all!  Perhaps one of our reviews says it best, “by the end of the night, we were brimming with knowledge, tired, drunk and had made a new friend.”

This tour is 5+ hours.  As crazy as it sounds the Classic routinely runs 5-8 hours long, while no one in their right mind would book an 8 hour walking tour I swear once the drinks start flowing & the good times start the Classic routinely runs that long. Be prepared for an epic and memorable night.

Tour times: 5 pm 


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The Texas Two Step


It doesn’t get much more Texan than this. We will talk Alamo history and then head to Texas’ oldest saloon. A saloon so quintessentially Texas that it now includes a Texas Ranger museum and one of the largest taxidermy collections in the world. Enjoying exclusive access through both museums ($20 value per) we will explore Texas’ Wild West days, infamous outlaws and the lawmen that chased them.  We follow this up with a visit to the oldest hotel in the West home to it’s own world famous bar. This is the only tour in town where you literally belly up to the same bars that Teddy Roosevelt did a century ago rounding up his Rough Riders. 


3+ hours
Tour times: 3 pm


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The Nooner


This one is for the foodies and history junkies looking for an afternoon treat! We will enjoy lunch at an award winning, locally owned San Antonio bistro and bar. After taking in the classic European ambiance, enjoying lunch, imbibing our impeccable cocktails and digging into some Texas history, we will belly up to the historic Menger Bar. Here you are in for an exclusive insider’s look at the most storied, and reportedly haunted, hotel in Texas.

2.5 hours
Tour times:12 pm 


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The Straight Up


On this condensed version of our Classic tour, we will take a stroll through Alamo Plaza for a comprehensive look at the history of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution. Next we will follow in the footsteps of legends in the historic Menger Hotel bar – you will share the space where Teddy Roosevelt recruited many of his Rough Riders. With drink in hand we will take an in depth tour through the oldest hotel west of the Mississippi. After discussing the rich and varied history of this classic San Antonio establishment we will take a look into another of San Antonio’s most historic bars.

2.5 hours
Tour times: 7pm

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